Excellent Research Award of the paper published in Corporate Ownership and Control

We would like to inform readers of the Corporate Ownership and Control journal that paper published in the Journal, titled “Family Firms Control Structure and Corporate Sustainability” and co-authored by Hsiang-Tsai Chiang and Fang-Chun Liu from Feng Chia University (Taiwan) received an Excellent Research Award of the university.

In the paper authors argue that a company with CSR devotion reflects this company aims not only in making profit, but also in sustainability. Family-owned companies have possessed of both control and operation right of the company and family will devote themselves in CSR to signal the company’s commitment and then gains good image in order to sustainable and to maximize family benefit. The result of their research indicated a positive relation between sustainability and the percentage of control shareholding, and negative relations between sustainability and two kinds of characteristic of family firms, which are the internal degree of the Board of Directors and the firm directed by single family. The evidence can offer stakeholders or the public to judge or predict the future development of the family firm.

To access the paper, visit this page.

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