During the International Conference in Paris we’ve provided to some of the participants our “impressions book” where we usually collect feedback of the participants of our conferences. Some of the participants also sent their remarks in e-mail after the conference. We are glad to publish these impressions on the web page of the conference.

We would like to say many thanks to all presenters and attendees for their participation and kind comments about our conference.

You may find some photos of the feedback written in our book below this text. Those written impressions vere received from (in order of appaerance):

  1. Yekyung Kang, Graduate School of International Studies, Ewha Womans University (Korea)
  2. Merwe Oberholzer, North-West University (South Africa)
  3. Christo Cronjé, University of South Africa (South Africa)
  4. Roberta Provasi, University of Milan (Italy) and Patrizia Riva, University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy)
  5. Angela Giovinco, Sodali (Spain)
  6. Andreas Kokkinis, University of Warwick (UK)
  7. Fabrizio Bava, University of Turin (Italy)

And here are impressions of the participants received by e-mail:

Shirley Mo-ching Yeung, Hang Seng Management College (Hong Kong) Hope to have more opportunities to work together. Feel free to provide more inputs of mutual concerned areas.
Jerome Chan, Coventry University London Campus (UK) The conference has given me the opportunity to further my portfolio. I have managed to make a few friends too. I will be looking for next year’s conference.
Federico Rotondo, University of Sassari (Italy) It was very fruitful, thank you all for the perfect organization and the stimulating atmosphere. Please inform me about the special issue and all other future projects.
Fang Ma, University of Portsmouth (UK) It was great to meet you in Paris and I enjoyed the keynote speeches and the conference presentations. I am looking forward to future projects on corporate conference.
Loredana Ferri Di Fabrizio, University of Pescara (Italy) I had a great time in Paris and the conference it was a great opportunity to improve my work and my speech capability. Keep in touch for future projects.