Fresh feedback from the reviewers

High-quality review always was and stays one of the highest priorities for the journals of “Virtus Interpress”. We do our best to maintain good professional relationship with the wide network of professionals and experts in various fields connected to governance, risk management, regulation, finance etc.

This relationship allows us to provide a high-quality blind review for all papers that were submitted to our journals and passed the initial check by the editorial team.

We continue our transparency initiative with this regard and publish some new feedback from our reviewers. This time, you may read new comments of the reviewers for the Corporate Ownership and Control journal:

Dr. Aron Perenyi, PhD, Professor, Swinburne University, Australia:
"Corporate Ownership and Control is a professionally run journal
endeavouring to publish high-quality scholarly articles with practical
relevance. Communication with the editor (and their team) is
professional, swift and manageable. The processes are clear and
transparent and the review is truly double-blind. As the member of the
editorial board and a regular reviewer, I believe my efforts are well
placed, and advance high-quality scholarly work, for the benefit of

Dr. Derrald E. Stice, PhD, UST, Hong Kong:
"My experience with the journal Corporate Ownership and Control has
been very good. The responsiveness of the journal and editor has been
excellent. The review process has been appropriate for the journal.
The availability of the reviewer’s report has been adequate. Overall,
my experience has been good and all seems appropriate".

Dr. Kalin Kolev, PhD, Baruch College of the City University of New York, USA:
"So far I have contributed to the journal as a reviewer on one
submission. My experience was very positive. The desired output from
the review process is clearly identified and the allotted turnaround
time is reasonable. The Editor is very approachable, responding to
e-mails instantaneously. I look forward to continuing working with
the Corporate Ownership and Control journal".

More comments can be obtained on the relevant webpage of the journal:
Corporate Ownership and Control