Gratitude to Prof. Kimie Harada for her help to Ukrainian kids

We would like to express our gratitude to Prof. Kimie Harada, Chuo University, Japan for her continuous support of the Ukrainian kids in their will to follow the way of Kendo. Kids in Sumy, members of the local Kendo club received a few more sets of equipment that will let them to practice the art of self-control and ancient Japanese martial art.

Sensei Oleksandr Paschenko also took responsibility to work with disabled kids and these sets of Kendo equipment will let them to feel special. They will not become some prominent sportsman due to their physical limitations but it is hard to describe their happiness and feelings when they are holding training sword “boken” or taking on training armor “Bōgu”. This became possible because of the help and support of Prof. Kimie Harada, who lives thousands kilometers away from Ukraine and Sumy but didn’t refuse to participate in this charitable project. Kendo practive helps to develop strong a spirit and these kids will definitely need it.

Our publishing house is also continuing to support the Kendo club by issuing financial aid to cover maintenance expenses of the sport hall and providing opportunity for kids to take part in Kendo competitions in Ukraine.
We hope to develop this project in future and invite all our friends and partners to join.

For more information please contact Prof. Kostyuk at alex_kostyuk[at]