Gratitude to the reviewers of our Journals

We are glad to express our sincere gratitude to the prominent researchers who devoted their time and expertise to provide high quality reviews for the papers submitted to the Journals of Virtus Interpress. We believe that professional activity of the people mentioned below helps to develop and enhance international research in the sphere of corporate governance and related issues and bring to the attention of public only decent and interesting research outcome.

  • Martin Stawinoga, Helmut-Schmidt-University, Germany
  • Daphne Rixon, Saint Mary’s University, the USA
  • Patrick Ulrich, University of Bamberg, Germany
  • Jackie Young, University of South Africa, South Africa
  • Joe Chieh-Chung Ueng, Cameron School of Business, University of St. Thomas, the USA
  • Inês Lisboa, Coordenadora do Mestrado de Controlo de Gestão, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal
  • Arunima Haldar, School of Business Management, NMIMS University, India
  • Annika Galle, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Germain Laurent,. Toulouse Business School, France
  • Andy Okwu, University of South Africa, South Africa