Important Note for Researchers from Denmark

We would like to draw attention of the researchers from Scandinavian countries and especially from Denmark that journals published by “Virtus Interpress” are recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Denmark.

The baseline of the Danish research model is the Authority Lists of publication channels. The Authority Lists are published by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Only research published in a publication channel, which is listed in one of the Authority Lists, are counted and weighted and thereby assigned research points that are important for the academic career growth.

Current list, approved on 09.06.2015 can be viewed here.

Our journals are ranked in the list by the following numbers:

- Corporate Ownership and Control(BFI ID - 5000);
- Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition (BFI ID - 5897).

We invite researchers from Denmark to cooperation and will continue to improve standards of our activity to provide as much benefits for our authors as possible.