Informal meeting guidelines: April 20, 2012

Informal meetings at Hanken School of Economics of participants of International conference

“Improving financial institutions: the proper balance between regulation and governance”, Helsinki

Hanken Centre for Corporate Governance invites all participants from the Conference to follow-up discussions in Hanken on April 20th.

Time: 10.00-13.00

Venue: Arkadiankatu 22, Hanken School of Economics main building

Why follow-up discussions?

Given all the interesting presentations on Thursday we are sure that participants will have a large number of new ideas and questions that they ideally would like to discuss directly after the conference. Or if not, why not use the opportunity to cover some other interesting topics of common interest with far away friends that you don’t meet that frequently. For this reason we have decided to provide an opportunity for those who are interested to team up for discussions to do that at Hanken on Friday from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Practical details

Hanken Centre for Corporate Governance offers comfortable rooms for these small group discussions, near to Auditorium Futurum in Hanken’s main building.
The only thing required from you is to inform Ms. Olga Neslevska at the Conference registration at which time you would like to meet. You can leave her your business card or your name & affiliation on piece of paper to her and she will record your reservation. For the record, and to ensure that there will be enough coffee, please include all those who are planning to meet.
From Hanken’s main entrance the route to the venue for the meetings will be clearly marked.

For more info, please, ask conference assistants Mr. Wiktor Wilson or Ms. Olga Neselevska at