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International on-line seminar

International Centre for Banking and Corporate Governance organized online workshop with colleagues from the Universities of Dubai and Sweden. This initiative was realized as a part of the 9th International Conference "International Banking Competition: Theory and Practice" that took place in the Ukrainian Academy of Banking (Sumy, Ukraine).

Main focus during the workshop was given to various aspects of corporate governance. Professor Udo Braendle from the American University in Dubai (UAE) presented the results of his study about corporate governance practices’ improvement in the CIS. He revealed the important issues of corporate governance codes’ effectiveness and highlighted the controversial issue of mechanisms for their work. Professor Sven-Olof Collin from the Linnaeus University (Sweden) made a presentation on the multiple functions of corporate governance mechanisms. Professor Collin examined the impact of various factors on corporate governance effectiveness and concluded that corporation efficiency depends on its development and corporate governance quality.

The presentation prepared by Jenny Ahlberg and Yuliya Ponomareva from the Linnaeus University (Sweden) was devoted to the peculiarities of governance in family firms. Presenters defined the concept of "good governance", its mechanism and characteristics in family firms. The audience was very interested in the topics of the research, so many questions and feedbacks were addressed to the presenters. Speakers were grateful for the ideas, which will be used by them in the future research.

International Centre for Banking and Corporate Governance is going to conduct online workshops with foreign partners on a continuous basis to share experience, ideas and discuss scientific papers in order to find possible ways to improve it. Members of the Center will continue this practice in the future. As of today negotiation with colleagues from South Africa and Slovenia on the organization of such scientific workshops is initiated.

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