International online conference "Corporate Governance: Fundamental and Challenging Issues in Scholarly Research": Acknowledgements and discussion

The Publishing House Virtus Interpress together with Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance would like to congratulate all the conference participants and attendees on the successful international online conference “Corporate Governance: Fundamental and Challenging Issues in Scholarly Research” .

We would like to express our gratitude to more than 35 authors from different countries of the world (Italy, Portugal, the USA, Finland, Greece, Germany, Albania, Jordan, etc.) who have presented their materials during the conference. Also, more than 15 conference forum attendees have participated in the conference discussion. The conference programme included the following sessions:
1) Board of Directors: Theory and Practices
2) Corporate Governance: Financial Markets and Related Issues
3) Ownership Structure and Disclosure
4) Corporate Governance and Related Issues

The conference programme that includes all the papers presented at the conference is available at the link.

At the moment the editorial team is working on the conference proceedings book that will be released in about 2 weeks. The conference proceedings will be Open Access and will contain not only materials of the conference presenters but also a full list of comments generated by the conference participants during the forum discussion. At the end of the book, a set of infographics will present statistics about the conference forum.