International online conference (May 13-14, 2021): Presenters and attendees

The Publishing House Virtus Interpress together with Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance are pleased to announce that on May 13-14, 2021, we conducted the international online conference titled “Corporate Governance: A Search for Emerging Trends in the Pandemic Times” .

More than 20 conference materials devoted to recent ideas in the corporate governance research were presented by scholars from various countries of the world. Such sort of joint efforts of scholars is a bridge to the new horizons in the corporate governance research, especially in the time of pandemic.

The conference organizing committee would like to express gratitude to the presenters of the conference: Francesco Di Tommaso, Pedro B. Agua, Anacleto Correia, Stergios Tasios, Evangelos Chytis, Stefanos Gousias, Gianmarco Salzillo, Andreas G. Koutoupis, Panagiotis Kyriakogkonas, Michail Pazarskis, Leonidas G. Davidopoulos, Raef Gouiaa, Pierre-Richard Gaspard, Le Chen, Pietro Pavone, Giuseppe Pepe, Giampiero Maci, Elisabetta D’Apolito, Dean Blomson, Michalis Bekiaris, Pantelis Papanastasiou, Matteo Pozzoli, Teresa Izzo, Francesco Paolone, Patrick Ulrich, Vanessa Frank, Mona Kratt, Anurag Agnihotri, Maxim Dolinsky, Nicole Bartosch, Dennis Anselmann, Mohammad Ta’Amnha, Ghazi Samawi, Metri Mdanat, Eugenio Virguti, Andrea Fradeani, Marco Venuti, Maria Kyriakou, Stergios Galanis, Shab Hundal, Tatyana Kauppinen, and Agni Dikaiou.

Also, we extend special thanks to the conference attendees who took part in the conference forum discussion, among others to Stefano Dell’Atti, Adam Samborski, Karen Hogan, Tariq Ismail, and Joy Elly Tulung, for the valuable comments to the conference materials.

All the presenters and conference forum participants will receive corresponding certificates within 2 weeks.

The conference proceedings book, which will contain not only the materials presented by the scholars but also the edited comments of all participants during a conference forum, is to be released by June 10, 2021.