Journal of Governance and Regulation: Volume 7, issue 1 has been published

We are pleased to present the first issue of the journal in 2018. This year we continued improving our practices of open access publishing using the rolling model. This model allows us to ensure timeliness of publication which is an important factor for authors nowadays. Among other good news is the announcement that the Journal of Governance and Regulation was included in the Chartered Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Guide 2018 (United Kingdom) and we see this as one of many acknowledgments of the journal’s improvements that we have already received and will receive in the future. We are committed to continuously increasing the overall quality of the journal to serve the needs of research community worldwide.

The current issue of the Journal of Governance and Regulation pays attention to the problems of corporate bankruptcies, relationship marketing in banks, corporate social responsibility in SMEs, monetary operations and Islamic banking in the GCC, corporate brand extensions, the impact of risk factors on the financial performance of the commercial banking sector.

Young Jun Choi analyzes the effect of the fast-track program, introduced to address insolvent companies swiftly. The author shows that the effect of this program on interest coverage ratio, representing the degree of rehabilitation, is positive. Wachyudi N. aims to provide an alternative model for understanding bank customers’ loyalty behavior by examining the effect of relationship marketing in banks and service quality on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty moderated with switching costs. Electra Pitoska, Konstantinos Giannakis and Dimitra Sdraka examine dominant perceptions of SMEs and their attitudes towards corporate social responsibility in Greece. Ritu Basu, Ananthakrishnan Prasad, and Sergio Rodriguez provide evidence of market segmentation across Islamic and conventional banks in the Gulf Cooperation Council that leads to excess liquidity, and an uneven playing field for Islamic banks that might affect their growth. The authors propose solving this problem by deepening Islamic government securities and developing Shari’ah-compliant money market instruments. Spyridon Goumas, Dimitrios Charamis, Eirini Maroukla, Alexandros Garefalakis examine the purchase likelihood of hypothetical service brand extensions from product companies focusing on consumer electronics based on sector categorization and perceptions of fit between the existing product category and image of the company. And finally Anthony Wood and Shanise McConney determine the impact of risk factors on the financial performance of the commercial banking sector in Barbados using quarterly data for the period 2000 to 2015. The empirical results indicate that capital risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk and operational risk have statistically significant impacts on financial performance. This paper is the first effort employing such an extensive dataset based on Barbados’ commercial banking sector and shows the main factors that influence commercial banks’ financial performance in this developing economy.

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