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Key Themes

The broad themes embedded in this international conference include:

  • Financial market regulation
  • Boards role in managing risk and opportunity
  • Basel III and its impact on bank performance
  • Financial markets regulatory authorities
  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
  • Improving effectiveness of committees
  • Role of central banks in the system of banking regulation
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Directors’ remuneration practices and regulation
  • Principle-based corporate governance
  • Property rights protection and corporate governance
  • Quantitative finance
  • Causes of ownership structures and their relationships with firm behaviors
  • Role of training, assessment and evaluation in improving the quality of corporate governance
  • The roles of corporate governance in corporate finance and economic development
  • Accounting disclosure, earning management, and corporate transparency issues
  • The roles of information intermediaries (auditors, financial analysts, and rating agencies) in corporate
  • governance
  • Showcasing best practices of corporate governance
  • Sustainable/Socially responsible investments
  • Financial crisis and regulatory strategy
  • Corporate governance reforms and financial crisis
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