Meeting with the Managing director at NASDAQ OMX Finland

Member of the International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance (ICBCG) – Yaroslav Mozghovyi (currently a visiting research scholar at Hanken Center for Corporate Governance) today in Helsinki had a meeting with Ms. Erja Jumppanen, Managing Director at NASDAQ OMX Finland. Ms. Jumppanen will be one of the key-note speakers at the international conference in Sumy. She confirmed her preliminary plan to participate at the conference. But apart from that several other important issue were covered during the meeting.

First point is the opportunity of joint organization of the international conference by NASDAQ OMX, Virtus Interpress and ICBCG in Helsinki in 2014. The main topic of the conference will be connected to post-crisis architecture of the financial markets and the role of regulation and governance. The specific of the conference is that it will be directed mainly on practitioners interested in financial markets, regulation and corporate governance. Sides agreed to proceed with making preliminary plan of the conference, themes, dates and obligations of both sides.

Third outcome of the meeting is an agreement of researchers from the ICBCG in cooperation with researchers from Hanken Center for Corporate Governance to apply for the research grant to NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation. The research is planned to be made on the problematic of the capital markets’ development in Finland and Ukraine with respect to corporate governance and sustainability issues.