Merry Christmas and Happy New 2015 Year!

Virtus Interpress and Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance team comes to address our best wishes to our large international network of experts in corporate governance. We hope that year 2015 will be successful and open the new horizons of cooperation to you.

Our team will be always ready to meet all your requests and proposals as it was in 2014. Thanks to your proposals we introduced Global Repository for Corporate Governance Experts as a mechanism to make cooperation inside of our network even more intensive. Moreover, we have already prescribed to use in 2015 a few innovative ideas to all our network to let all of you have professional benefits. Thus, we introduce a free online access to our journals including back issues for all members of our international network. It could make your research more effective and save your time and funds. Besides that our team will introduce in 2015 a series of seminars for researchers including online and at place seminars to improve performance of members of our network in getting their papers published in journals. Moreover, we will keep on arranging international conferences worldwide (in France, Germany and Turkey) to let all of you meet and discuss the most important challenges of corporate governance.

We would be grateful for your proposals and advises how to develop our international network even more in 2015 as our activity should be always in line with your professional interests.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Virtus Interpress team