Most cited papers on corporate board practices published in Corporate Ownership and Control Journal

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We decided to prepare a top list of the most cited papers devoted to corporate board issues published in Corporate Ownership and Control journal. Below is a list of papers with reference to their current Google Scholar citations.

  1. Ayuso, S., & Argandoña, A. (2009). Responsible corporate governance: Towards a stakeholder board of directors? Corporate Ownership & Control, 6(4), 9-19. Quantity of citations: 166.
  2. Kao, L., & Chen, A. (2004). The effects of board characteristics on earnings management. Corporate Ownership & Control, 1(3), 96-107. Quantity of citations: 139.
  3. Kyereboah-Coleman, A., & Biekpe, N. (2007). The relationship between board size, board composition, CEO duality and firm performance: Experience from Ghana. Corporate Ownership & Control, 4(2), 114-122. Quantity of citations:117.
  4. Darmadi, S. (2011). Board diversity and firm performance: The Indonesian evidence. Corporate Ownership & Control, 8(2-4), 450-466. Quantity of citations: 113.
  5. Chen, C. W., Barry Lin, J., & Yi, B. (2008). CEO duality and firm performance - an endogenous issue. Corporate Ownership & Control, 6(1), 58-65. Quantity of citations: 94.
  6. Nguyen, H., & Faff, R. (2007). Impact of board size and board diversity on firm value: Australian evidence. Corporate Ownership & Control, 4(2), 24-32. Quantity of citations: 90.
  7. Kyereboah-Coleman, A., & Biekpe, N. (2006). Do boards and CEOs matter for bank performance? A comparative analysis of banks in Ghana. Corporate Ownership & Control, 4(1), 119-126. Quantity of citations: 61.
  8. Eklund, J. E., Palmberg, J. & Wiberg, D. (2009). Ownership structure, board composition and investment performance. Corporate Ownership & Control, 7(1), 120-130. Quantity of citations: 52.
  9. Davidson, W. N., & Rowe, W. (2004). Intertemporal endogeneity in board composition and financial performance. Corporate Ownership & Control, 1(4), 49-60. Quantity of citations: 52.
  10. Chin, T., Vos, E., & Casey, Q. (2004). Levels of ownership structure, board composition and board size seem unimportant in New Zealand. Corporate Ownership & Control, 2(1), 119-128. Quantity of citations: 44.
  11. Abdullah, S. N., Mohamad, N. R., & Mokhtar, M. Z. (2011). Board independence, ownership and CSR of Malaysian large firms. Corporate Ownership & Control, 8(2-4), 467-483. Quantity of citations: 43.
  12. Alshimmiri, T. (2004). Board composition, executive remuneration, and corporate performance: The case of REITs. Corporate Ownership & Control, 2(1), 104-118. Quantity of citations: 43.
  13. Ujunwa, A., Nwakoby, I., & Ugbam, C. O. (2012). Corporate board diversity and firm performance: Evidence from Nigeria. Corporate Ownership & Control, 9(2-1), 216-226. Quantity of citations: 41.
  14. Hutchinson, M., & Zain, M. M. (2009). Internal audit quality, audit committee independence, growth opportunities and firm performance. Corporate Ownership & Control, 7(2), 50-65. Quantity of citations: 41.
  15. Tulung, J. E., & Ramdani, D. (2018). Independence, size and performance of the board: An emerging market research. Corporate Ownership & Control, 15(2-1), 201-208. Quantity of citations: 34.
  16. Collin, S.-O. (2008). The boards functional emphasis - A contingency approach Corporate Ownership & Control, 6(2), 73-88. Quantity of citations: 28.
  17. Kostyuk, A. (2003). Board practices: An international review. Corporate Ownership & Control, 1(1), 102-111. Quantity of citations: 27.
  18. Lazarides, T., Drimpetas, E., & Dimitrios, K. (2009). Executive board members’ remuneration: A longitudinal study. Corporate Ownership & Control, 6(3), 94-103. Quantity of citations: 25.
  19. Al-Mamun, A., Yasser, Q. R., Rahman, M. A., Wickramasinghe, A., & Nathan, T. M. (2014). Relationship between audit committee characteristics, external auditors and economic value added (EVA) of public listed firms in Malaysia. Corporate Ownership & Control, 12(1-9), 899-910. Quantity of citations: 23.
  20. Rost, K., Salomo, D., & Osterloh, M. (2008). CEO appointments and the loss of firm-specific knowledge - Putting integrity back into hiring decisions. Corporate Ownership & Control, 5(3), 86-98. Quantity of citations: 23.
  21. Windram, B., & Song, J. (2004). Non-executive directors and the changing nature of audit committees: Evidence from UK audit committee chairmen Corporate Ownership & Control, 1(3), 108-115. Quantity of citations: 23.
  22. Karami, A. (2005). An exploration of the chief executive officers’ (CEOs) perception of strategic management process: The case of British high tech SMEs Corporate Ownership & Control, 2(4), 62-69. Quantity of citations: 22.