Naples conference paper awards

As we announced previously, sponsors of the international conference "New Challenges in Corporate Governance: Theory and Practice" that took place in Naples on 3-4 October have prepared two paper awards for the conference participants:

  • An award for young researchers (under 35) sponsored by Morrow Sodali (500 EUR prize)
  • Best paper of the conference award (no age limit) funded by Virtus Interpress (500 USD prize)

Now we are glad to announce that the awards were given to the studies which were selected by the conference committee among the presented papers. The nominees were evaluated with the blind peer review system.

Thus, the winners are:

- Chloe Ho, Eliza Wu and Jing Yu with the paper "Negative CSR events and demand for new equity issues: An international study" - Virtus Interpress Best paper of the conference award. In this study, the authors investigate the impact of firms’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the form of negative environmental and social (E&S) incidents on corporate equity raisings via seasoned equity offerings (SEO). Chloe Ho, Eliza Wu and Jing Yu study a global firm sample drawn from 21 countries over the period from 2009-2017 to take into account cross-country variations in CSR performance. This paper extends the long-standing literature that investigates the equity value relevance of CSR activities.

- Pietro Fera, Nicola Moscariello, Michele Pizzo and Giorgio Ricciardi with the paper "The relationship between minority directors and earnings management: An empirical analysis in the Italian institutional setting" - Best paper under 35 Morrow Sodali award. The authors examine the relationship between minority directors and the magnitude of abnormal accruals within the Italian listed companies over the period 2012-2017. Specifically, this paper analyzes the Italian context since it offers a unique setting as it is the only country that, roughly a decade ago, introduced the slate voting system that aids the appointment of directors proposed by minority shareholders or, more generally, by non-controlling shareholders.

Our congratulations to the winners!

We would also like to express our gratitude to all participants and members of the organizing committee for their contribution to this scientific event. We hope to continue such projects in the future and to maintain contacts with our international network.