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New book has been published

At the beginning of the year, the publishing house “Virtus Interpress” has initiated a new project, a book titled "Corporate Governance: New Challenges and Opportunities".

We are glad to announce that the book has been already published. We are happy to present a sample of the publication.To preview the book, please visit this page. For ordering – click here or just pay online with the card here.

"Corporate Governance: New Challenges and Opportunities" includes views of 19 contributing teams on the main issues of the corporate governance and outlines of its fundamental aspects in different countries:

  • Anna Tilba, the UK
  • William L. Megginson and Romora E. Sitorus, the USA
  • Raef Gouiaa, Canada
  • Mark Wickham and Kim Backhouse, Australia
  • Mark Rix and Anil Chandrakumara, Australia
  • Helen Roberts and Michelle Li, New Zealand
  • Fadi Alkarran, Ireland
  • Emilie Bonhoure and Laurent Germain, France
  • Niels Hermes and Kees van Veen, the Netherlands
  • Doriana Cucinelli and Danilo V. Mascia, Italy
  • Elena Merino and Montserrat Manzaneque, Spain
  • Inês Lisboa, Maria Clara Guilherme and Nuno Teixeira, Portugal
  • Seppo Ikäheimo and Mirel Leino, Finland
  • Fumiko Takeda, Japan
  • Leszek Bohdanowicz, Poland
  • Kontogeorga N. Georgia, Georgios L. Thanasas and Smaraidos Sp. Vassilis, Greece
  • Dilvin Taşkın and Ece Erdener Acar, Turkey
  • Ehab K. A. Mohamed and Mohamed A. K. Basuony, Egypt
  • Sandra Gaitan and Jimmy Saravia, Colombia

The book is edited by Professor Vincenzo Capizzi, Professor Udo Braendle and Professor Alex Kostyuk.

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