Project about newest challenges in Corporate Governance

“Corporate governance challenges: What do practitioners advise academic researchers?”

Vitus Global Center for Corporate Governance and publishing house Virtus Interpress keep seeking the new ways how to intensify the corporate governance research worldwide. We have analyzed our international network of experts in corporate governance (more than 24000 experts worldwide) and made a solution how to increase its value even more.

In this extremely fast changing world of corporate governance all researchers worldwide including academic researchers too are concerned with perfect targeting the aim of particular research. “Perfect targeting” means that upcoming research should solve certain problem of corporate governance in practice.

In this context we initiate a new project called as “Corporate governance challenges: What do practitioners advise academic researchers?”. We asked the practitioners from our international network to write each month a brief article on major up-to-date challenges in corporate governance. These articles will be uploaded at our web-page at under the section “Upcoming projects”. We hope that these articles will be perfect pointers for researchers how to choose the most challenging issue of corporate governance to investigate.