New book has been released

Publishing House Virtus Interpress is glad to announce a release of a new book titled “Welfare and market: A social, economic and legal analysis” edited by Ida D’Ambrosio and Paolo Palumbo.

Several scholars from all over the world contributed to this book. They attempt to summarize the legal, economic and social destiny of the welfare in the modern world and to provide an interdisciplinary outlook of these issues. The book aims at implementing international research activities and offers a valuable interdisciplinary contribution to the reflection, examining and deepening many aspects related to law, social sciences, and economics, presenting a general overview of the issues and pinpointing the lively scientific debate still in place.

The book is structured as follows: the first two sections present abstracts of papers on the legal and social and economic issues, the third section is devoted to papers on legal aspects, and the fourth section contains papers that deal with a social and economic sphere.

The book “Welfare and market: A social, economic and legal analysis” is an Open Access book, you can find detailed information about the book, read and download it here.