New book on Corporate Governance in Arab Countries

The book “Corporate Governance in Arab Countries: Specifics & Outlooks” is the final research book in the set of books (“Corporate Governance: New Challenges and Opportunities”, Kostyuk, A. N., Braendle, U. & Capizzi, V.; “Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies: Theory and Practice”, McGee, R.W., Hussainey, K., Mozghovyi, Y.) devoted to the topic of corporate governance in the context of different countries which were published by publishing house “VirtusInterpress” during 2017-2018.

We are glad to announce that the book has been already published. We are happy to present a sample of the publication.To preview the book, please visit this page. For ordering – click here.

The book "Corporate Governance in Arab Countries: Specifics & Outlooks" includes views of 8 contributing teams on the main issues of the corporate governance and outlines of its fundamental aspects in different Arab countries:

  • Khaled Otman, UAE
  • Murya Habbash, Saudi Arabia
  • Mohamed Abulgasem Zakari and Ismail Salem Elshahoubi, Libya
  • Tarek Abdelfattah, Egypt
  • Rekha Pillai and Husam-Aldin Nizar Al-Malkawi, UAE
  • Virginia Bodolica, Martin Spraggon and Daniel Dupuis, UAE
  • Bashar H Malkawi, Jordan
  • Fayrouz Bencheikh and Neila Boulila Taktak, Tunisia

The book is edited by Prof. Dima Jamali, Prof. Virginia Bodolica and Dr. Yulia Lapina.