New burning topics for research in regulation and governance

Editorial team and Publisher of the Journal of Governance and Regulation aimed to outline the most perspective fields of research in regulation and governance which will be demanded by the scholars worldwide. We asked the Advisory Board members of the journal to provide their point of view.

In this material we publish recommendations of Prof. Carine Girard, representing Audencia Business School in France.

The first area outlined by Prof. Girard is that of the impact of the digital revolution (blockchain, Decentralized autonomous Organization and crowdfunding platforms; etc) on corporate governance (organizational level) and regulation (institutional level).

The second area which may be in focus of researchers worldwide in the nearest time is a meta-analysis of the emergence of alternative corporate governance systems such as Benefit corporations and their effect on law in different institutional contexts.

The last area to pay attention to is minority shareholder rights taking into account the fact that the future shareholder is essentially an online user.

With regard to these recommendations we’ve added several more topics to the list of existing research topic of the Journal of Governance and Regulation. We hope that these recommendations will be of help to those authors who seek a promising topic for research in the field of regulation and governance. The updated list of topics of the Journal of Governance and Regulation is below:

  • Alternative corporate governance systems;
  • Bank and financial company governance;
  • Banking regulation;
  • Blockchain and regulatory initiatives;
  • Corporate governance reforms and financial crises;
  • Corporate law and financial crises;
  • Corporate reporting regulation;
  • Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance;
  • Crowdfunding platforms, governance and regulation;
  • Currency regulation;
  • Decentralized autonomous organization;
  • Financial crises and regulatory strategy;
  • Financial market regulation;
  • Financial reporting regulation;
  • Foreign trade regulation;
  • Industrial companies regulation and governance;
  • Institutional approach to the regulation and governance;
  • International financial reporting standards (IFRS).
  • International regulatory institutions;
  • Labour market regulation;
  • Micro and macroeconomic effects of regulation;
  • Minority shareholder rights;
  • Product market regulation;
  • Social-economic outcomes of the regulatory reforms;
  • State regulation;
  • The impact of the digital revolution on corporate governance and regulation.

Journal of Governance and Regulation is published quarterly so papers can be submitted during the year. Submitted papers will be reviewed and if accepted, published in the following issue of the journal.

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