New empirical research project on CSR in banks

Recent international conference, that was held in Helsinki on the 19th of April, 2012 under the name “Improving financial institutions: the proper balance between regulation and governance” led to a new cooperation in the field of research. A new project (empirical paper) with the pilot name "Bank’s Benefiting from the CSR: Influence on Performance and Cost of Debt" was initiated.

This project aims are to study the specifics of the CSR in banks, to examine previous research and to indicate the main possible benefits that authors observe in their works. The key goal of the project is to test empirically abovementioned statements and hypothesis about impact of the CSR practices on the bank’s activity and to provide structural, constructive recommendations for the banks management, concerning CSR policies and procedures of the bank; for regulative bodies, concerning outcomes that could be brought by the neglecting of this issue and nature of the required regulative measures; NGOs, Stock Exchanges and other institutions that deal with banking activity.

The project team includes at the moment Udo Braendle (Austria) and Yaroslav Mozghovyi (Ukraine); negotiations with other potential coauthors are currently proceeding. Results of the joint research are planned to be presented on the scientific conferences in France (Paris) in April 2013 and Ukraine (Academy of Banking, Sumy) in May 2013.