New feedback from the authors

Publishing House “Virtus Interpress” continues to implement its transparency policy in terms of communication with the key stakeholders – authors. This time we would like to publish new feedback of the authors who published their papers in the Scopus indexed Corporate Ownership and Control journal and Corporate Board journal.

You will find them below:

  • Dr. Matthias Baumann, HHL, Germany: "The interaction with the journal Corporate Ownership and Control and the editor was excellent. We received quick responses to all our requests. The review process was completed in a timely manner, while the feedback of the reviewers was insightful and helped to further improve the paper. . We can only recommend the journal for future publications."
  • Dr. George Ast. Drogalas, University of Macedonia, Greece: During the last years we have been cooperating with the Corporate Ownership and Control journal regarding the publishing of academic research. We are very pleased with the cooperation we had with the Editor of journal and the reviewing process. More specifically, we were impressed by the direct responsiveness of the Editor to our queries regarding publication and reviewing process. Furthermore, we were very satisfied with the quality and clarity of the review of our papers which has also enhanced the quality our research published in the journal. Finally, we highly appreciated the fact that the reviewing process was transparent as we were informed of each stage of the reviewing process. Overall, we were very pleased with the cooperation we had with Corporate Ownership and Control journal and we have recommended it to several of our academic colleagues.
  • Dr. Simone Terzani, University of Perugia, Italy: "I really appreciated the responsiveness and the fairness of the Editor of Corporate Ownership and Control Journal. I confirm that every communications with the Journal has been easy and that the reviewing process has been quick and on time.”
  • Dr. Dea’a Al-Sraheen, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan: "I published my research paper recently in Corporate Role, Duties and Composition. I would like to thank all teams in this Journal, because they work efficiently and correctly. The communications with the Editor of the journal are fast and simple. The answers are comprehensive and clear. As for reviewing stage: the comments of the reviewer are relevant and contribute positively in adding a good knowledge of the research by the referee. The reviewers’ reports were well organized and they were available on time. The journal has a high rank among the international Journals and it’s highly respected."