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New feedback from the authors

We are glad to update feedback from the authors who published their papers in our journals. You will have an opportunity to know first-hand information about the cooperation of the researchers with our publishing house. This time we received feedback from the following authors:

  • Dr. Arne Nygaard, Professor, Kristiania Business School, Norway: “Corporate ownership & Control is an excellent outlet for research on the effects of organizational economics, incentives, franchising, and other allied topics related to the separation of ownership and control. This journal has a world class editorial board and is ranked among prestigious finance journals in the Association of Business School (ABS)- rankings. Corporate Ownership & Control are also ranked or listed in other international journal indexes. Especially, I would like to emphasize the speed and consistency in the communication with the editor. This made the time from submission to acceptance decision and print as short as possible.”
  • Dr. Phineas Mbango, University of Johannesburg, South Africa: “My experience with Risk Governance and Control journal has been exceptional and communication is very effective. One wish if all journals are like yours. You attended to concerns within a very short time. Your conduct is highly professional”.
  • Dr. Qingfu Chai, Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, UK: "I know Corporate Ownership and Control journal when I was studying PhD. Now, I am co-operating with this journal, so I am quite excited! The Editors are friendly and efficient! I understand other journals will take much longer time, which would make an ’opportunity cost’ for the authors to revise or absorb further advice. Also the editors report is very clear, which is very useful for the author to revise. For some of journals, I was confusing whether the paper is the authors’ work or the reviewers’ work. Overall, the editor of this journal is approachable, friendly and efficient!"
  • Dr. Rebecca Tladinyane, University of South Africa, South Africa: “I want to express my greatest gratitude and pleasure working with the Journal of Governance and Regulation. You really made the journey of publishing in an accredited Journal to be very manageable. Your prompt response to the emails made it easier to liaise with. The peer review report by the reviewers was of high quality and efficiency in which my paper was reviewed and published very incomparable”.
  • Dr. Michail Pazarskis Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia Serres, Greece: “I would like to thank you for the cooperation with the journal of the Virtus Interpress “Corporate Ownership and Control”. Throughout the submission, the revision process and till the final printing of the papers which have published (with my co-authors) at this journal, there was an excellent communication and cooperation with the Editor and the rest staff of Virtus Interpress. There was also a fast response at any issue taken place, while the reviewing process had taken place into exact time periods. Thank you one more time for the cooperation”.

To read more feedback from the authors please visit web pages of our journals.

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