New issue of Corporate Law & Governance Review

The editorial team is pleased to present the second issue of the Corporate Law & Governance Review in 2020. The papers study a wide range of corporate governance issues such as board of directors, economic performance, financial performance, executive board, investment banking, merger & acquisition, cross-border takeovers, COVID-19, and others.

The paper of Abdelkader Derbali, Lamia Jamel, Ali Lamouchi, Ahmed K Elnagar, and Monia Ben Ltaifa investigates the specific case on Tunisian banks, showing that non-executive independent (outside) directors negatively affect the financial performance of banks. The composition of the board and the gender parity issues still are a major concern and target in most countries and especially in Islamic locations.

Alexander Dilger and Ute Schottmüller-Einwag study the German case, with reference to the disclosure of severance payments to leaving directors of listed firms. Excess payments are still present and compliance with the cap recommended by the German Corporate Governance Code is not always respected.

Jing Wang, Michel Charifzadeh, and Tim Alexander Herberger examine the impact of cross-border M&A activities between China and Germany. An event study looking for abnormal returns around the announcement date of the international merger is conducted, showing that higher value is created when the German target is unlisted. This may suggest a potential liquidity and marketability premium for unlisted targets that are acquired by listed entities.

The study by Fred Amonya investigates the impact of COVID-19 in the national planning of post-colonial states like Uganda and Kenya, the biggest East African countries with Tanzania.

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