New issue of Corporate Law & Governance Review

The editorial team is happy to present a new issue of the Corporate Law & Governance Review in 2020. This issue is dedicated to such research topics as corporate governance, corporate governance’ practices, fiduciary duties, board members, company law, legal systems, systemic risk, banking regulation, stakeholders, bank failures, supervisory boards, management boards, investors’ protection, and others.

Tshegofatso Kgarabjang, the author of the first article presented in this issue, evaluates the potential challenges encountered by board members of state-owned entities in the course of exercise of their fiduciary duties. The results indicate that failure to comply with fiduciary duties may have drastic effects on a state as a shareholder and may lead to a decline in corporate governance of state-entity.

Hugh Grove, Mac Clouse, and Tracy Xu explore the major implications for corporate governance from the emergence of long-term stockholder and stakeholder value perspectives for the purpose of a corporation.

Martha Okigbo and Mahmood Bagheri in their research are proposing an ex-ante private law mechanism through the reform of company law rules to stop excessive risk-taking by the bank managers, and therefore avoiding the systemic risk which has far more ramifications for society as a whole.

The final study by Inês Lisboa, Maria Clara Guilherme, and Nuno Teixeira aims to explain the evolution of corporate governance practices in Portugal. The authors provide information on corporate governance’ legal framework. Then they explain ownership structures and board of directors’ and directors’ remuneration practices.

We hope that reading this issue will be pleasant and informative for you!

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