New issue of the Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition journal

We are pleased to present the first issue of the journal “Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition” in 2019. It is devoted to the issues of ethics and compliance committees, shareholders rights, public disclosure and transparency, characteristics of the board of directors, internal audit, audit committee, board structure etc.

John M. Holcomb, Hugh Grove and Maclyn Clouse examine whether ethics and compliance committees play a key role in improving firm value with regards to stock market and financial performance.

George Drogalas, Alkiviadis Karagiorgos, Michail Pazarskis and Nikolaos Vagenas investigate the potential existence of informal interactions between the audit committee and internal audit function in Greek firms and identify the main drivers for these interactions.

Ahmed S. Alanazi focuses on the extent to which the board of directors affects the quality of corporate governance in the Saudi stock market. Many board attributes are studied such as board size, board independence, presence of executives on board, frequency of board meetings, and the number of board committees.

Frank Gyimah Sackey, Paul Kwame Yeboah and Joseph Diawuo Anane Owusu study different board characteristics to assess the relationship between boards of directors and bank performance in Ghana.

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