New issue of the Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition journal

The editorial team is pleased to introduce the third issue of the journal “Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition” in 2019. The papers therein discuss a broad variety of topics, including mergers and acquisitions, behavioural finance, employees’ empowerment, decision making, ownership concentration, comply-or-explain disclosure, the insurance industry, Solvency II etc.

The articles of this issue are nice examples of studies that intend to broaden our understanding of the role of the board of directors as a key driver of corporate governance and performance.

Daisuke Asaoka investigates the impact of errors and biases by managers and directors on the consequences of M&A decisions. The study finds that biases causing overvaluation include overconfidence by managers; an escalation of bidding prices leading to winner’s curse; anchoring in pricing; the endowment effect; and hindsight and confirmation biases.

Sunday Adebowale and Adesoga Adefulu examine the effect of the board of directors’ decisions to invest in employee training and employee productivity by focusing on insurance companies in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Federico Alvino, Luigi Lepore, Sabrina Pisano and Gabriella D’Amore use a sample of Italian listed companies to study the impact of family ownership on the relationship between ownership concentration and the degree of comply-or-explain disclosure regarding the composition and functioning of boards of directors.

Rahaf Adel and Ahmad Alqatan conduct a comparison between Kuwait and Britain’s established discrimination legislation to examine the nature of implemented gender equality policies and practices within banks and analyze the differences between Islamic and conventional banks with regards to their equality practices and gender career opportunities. The board of directors plays a key role in this respect since it is actively involved in corporate social responsibility programs that include, among other employment.

Rosaria Cerrone’s article investigates both the oversight and strategic roles of the board of directors by examining the importance of risk management and internal audit functions in strengthening governance frameworks and ensuring compliance with new regulatory requirements in the financial services industry.

Finally, Domenico Rocco Cambrea provides a review for the book “Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies: Theory and Practice” written by Robert W. McGee, Khaled Hussainey and Yaroslav Mozghovyi (Virtus Interpress, 2018).

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