New research project on operational risk in banks

Another outcome came from the recent International conference held at the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine with participation of Virtus Interpress and International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance. A new research project named "Operational Risk as a Hidden Threat of the Bank: Solutions for Emerging Markets" was initiated. The key goal of the project is to characterize operational risk management system including management mechanism from the point of risk’s components with the further systematization of operational risk assessment methods called-up by Basel committee on banking supervision, national regulators in emerging markets, and approaches additionally used in leading world banks and are based on modern scientific workouts.

The project teem includes Ronald H. Mynhardt (South Africa); Olya Afanasieva (Ukraine); Dmitriy Ryabichenko (Ukraine); scientists from other countries are offered to participate. Results of our joint research suggest presenting on the scientific conferences in France (Paris) in April 2013 and Ukraine (Academy of Banking, Sumy) in May 2013.