Official position of Virtus Interpress about events in Ukraine

Dear friends and partners all over the world,

Recently, events that are taking place in Ukraine occupied the front pages of all top audience media on the planet. Although we do not belong to any political party but we cannot stay aside and believe that it is necessary to declare our citizens’ position.

The major issue Mr. Yanukovich and leaders of Ukrainian opposition must entirely realize now is that the people of Ukraine are majorly very intelligent and strong at the same time. This is a unique composition. This brings to a conclusion that citizens of Ukraine do not care at the first instance what political compromises could be found, i.e. giving a post of a Prime minister to one opposition leader, providing another opposition leader with a post of Vice Prime minister, putting changes to the anti-human laws adopted in the mid of January by the ruling party. See description here.

All these steps and possible compromises are not what should be made first. The matter of the first instance is the matter of our dignity as citizens and humans.

During this week special police forces representing the State Authorities in Kiev and Ukraine in a whole systematically deprived protesting people of their human dignity. These special police forces behaved not like humans. It is hard to imagine that this could happen in the civilized country. Therefore, all those who are involved in the process to seek the political compromise should firstly find a solution how to secure that there is no more threats to the dignity of the intelligent and very strong people of Ukraine and how to prosecute publicly all those who deprived protesting people of their dignity. See one of the cases here.

Mr. Yanukovich and leaders of opposition should not forget that for us, Ukrainians, dignity means not less than our life and much more than their political compromises and appointments!