Online Workshop of VGCCG: Results

Dear researchers, we are delighted to inform you about the results of a successful project, which was conducted by VIRTUS GLOBAL CENTRE FOR CORPORATE GOVERNANCE.

Online Workshop, which was organized on March 11-12 provided a collective reviewing of the articles at the stage of research methodology formation and interpretation of the achieved results. Workshop gave an opportunity for the participants to draw conclusions for the final revision of articles and further supply of these articles in journals and for participation in the International conferences.

Two alternatives of the reviewing procedure were proposed to the author choice.

Ghada Tayem and Nadia Cipullo participated in the group meeting, which allowed them to have a group reviewing of the articles through the discussion forum at our web site

Ghada Tayem presented her paper titled “The Impact of the Type of Debt on Corporate Cash Holdings” and Nadia Cipullo participated with her work “Biodiversity Indicators: the accounting point of view”.

Aron Parenyi and Yousef Shahwan were engaged in personal video meeting, which gave them an opportunity to have a video call via Skype with our experts, who have expertise in general corporate governance.

Aron Parenyi submitted a paper titled “Business excellence models: a practical excuse for competitors to cooperate” and Yousef Shahwan participated with his research titled “Corporate Governance Disclosures in the New Zealand Agricultural Companies”.

Participants of the online workshop have received a number of benefits. Their works have been reviewed by the members of our international Network and they received a qualified feedback, which have helped them to bring the research to the new level of quality. Researcher also have been granted a Certificate which can serve as a proof that the paper went through the procedure of reviewing and received a qualified assessment by qualified experts.

The next workshop will be held on June 23-24, 2016.

Register now and improve your research by receiving a qualified evaluation of your work.

For more information regarding the event please contact:

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