Other information

If the authors of the papers submitted to our journals asked by the reviewers or the journal Editorial team to improve English of the paper, the authors can order English proofreading of their papers at the journal Publisher team. This request can be addressed to the Managing Editor of the journal.

Scholarly paper English proofreading is performed by the journal Publisher team. There are two options proposed by the Publisher.

The first option – moderate English proofreading that presupposes introducing minor corrections to the text, specifically, grammatical errors and typographical errors (extra letters, incorrect spacing between words, additional full stops). It costs EURO 90.

The second option – in-depth proofreading, that comprises identification and correction of: grammatical errors, lexical errors, syntactic errors, as well as coherence, intelligibility and readability of the paper. It costs EURO 160.

The journal Managing Editor, having evaluated the paper with the journal office team, reviewers and Editors, chooses the 1st or the 2nd option above for those papers that should be improved. The payment should be made by credit card through the Publisher online payment platform below

Amount: 90 EUR

Amount: 160 EUR

The payment can be made with credit/debit card via secure payment system provided by Ukrainian processing center. During the payment, you will probably receive an SMS from your bank with the password to confirm the transaction. The price in Euro is an oriented one. The payment will be charged in UAH according to the exchange rate of your payment card provider. Once the payment is made we will process it ASAP and our representative will contact you to deliver the service/confirm the payment.