Paper based key-note speech at the conference in Milan

We are glad to announce paper based key-note speech for the conference in Milan that will be delivered by Professor Rémi Jardat.

Rémi Jardat is a Professor of management and Director of research at ISTEC Paris (France) and Visiting Professor at Carnegie-Mellon University (USA).

Professor Jardat is and author of numerous research papers on the topics of finance, management and governance. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Society and Business Review, Program Chair at the European Academy of Management, member of the academic board at the French Academy of Management, participant of many funded research programs. He has a vast experience of the organization and chairing of the academic conferences on business, finance and management.

Professor’s Jardat paper-based key-note speech at the conference in Milan will cover major book published by a famous French Economist Thomas Piketty, concerning the global economy in the XXist Century ("Le capital au XXIe siècle") that raises many prospective Issues about state governance and global finance.

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