Participation of Virtus Interpress representative in the Elsevier’s webinar

Last week representative of the publishing house “Virtus Interpress”, Dr. Yaroslav Mozghovyi took part in the webinar arranged by Elsevier and devoted to the new features of SciVal.

SciVal helps authors to assess their institution’s research performance from a variety of perspectives in order to establish, execute and evaluate strategies based on reliable evidence.

Thus we see this instrument as a potential source of information for our network to establish new research connections and seek for research grants.

SciVal provides data on your institution’s researchers and departments so you can start analyzing their performance.

This year SciVal will include information on research funding for 3 countries: the USA, UK and Australia. Next year it is planned to include information on research grants in Europe, based on Horizon 2020.

We will continue looking for the new updates in the academic research in order to inform our authors about recent news and opportunities. For the new updates visit our web page.