Participation of the representative of Virtus Interpress in the International Conference in University of Foggia

On the 11th of May 2018 a representative of Virtus Interpress and Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance – Dr. Yulia Lapina will visit University of Foggia by the invitation of Dr. Stefania Sylos Labini. Yulia will take part as keynote speaker in the International Conference "Corporate Governance & Risk Management in financial institutions: how to move between sustainable growth and performance goals?". The speech will be devoted to the Major Standards and Emerging Trends in Risk Governance in financial institutions. Call for papers can be found here.

University of Foggia, located in Foggia, Italy, was founded in 1991 and was fully recognized in 1999.

This international conference will provide a platform for academics and practitioners from different countries to analyze recent trends and upcoming challenges in corporate governance and risk management in financial institutions, as well as the impact of good corporate governance and risk management practices on sustainable growth and performance goals.

When submitting papers the authors should declare whether they would like to have their papers considered for publication in Special Issues of the journal “Risk Governance & Control: Financial Markets & Institution". The instructions for authors can be found here.