PhD seminar on empirical research methods in Luneburg

We would like to remind that a research seminar for PhDs titled “Empirical Corporate Governance, Accounting & Auditing Research” will be arranged on November 25th, the day before the conference at the Leuphana University Luneburg.

In this seminar we will discuss several main research themes in contemporary empirical financial accounting, audit and corporate governance research. We will examine the historical origins, theoretical underpinnings and research methods used in leading research in each area. We will also discuss the potential implications of empirical research for different groups of users of research, including accounting policy makers and regulators.

The seminar will be divided in two parts:

  • The first, theoretical part will be delivered by Yaroslav Mozghovyi, representing Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance. He will give the overview of the seminar topic “Empirical Corporate Governance, Accounting & Auditing Research”;
  • The second, practical part will be presented by Prof. Nicola Moscariello from University of Naples II, Italy. Prof. Moscariello will make a presentation tiled “The information content of Discretionary Accruals Some evidence from Italy during the Global Financial Crisis”.

The seminar will start at 10 AM. Seminar venue is: Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany, “Campus Scharnhorststraße”. The address is: Scharnhorststraße 1, 21335, Lüneburg. Seminar room is located in building 7, room 319.

For more details please visit this page.

If some of the conference participants would like to register for the seminar – please contact Yaroslav Mozghovyi at mozghovyi[at]