Recently published papers in journals by Virtus Interpress

The editorial team of Virtus Interpress would like to present the list of recently published papers. The new articles were published in the journals Corporate Ownership & Control, Corporate Law & Governance Review, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition and the Journal of Governance and Regulation.

The papers cover such topics as matching process, financial reporting system, earnings quality, private firms, leverage, capital structure, mini-bond, financing policy, corporate governance, executive compensation, firm performance, firm size, defense industry, corporate law, board of directors, childcare, quality, educational requirements, staff-child ratio, investment projects, stochastic interest rates, corporate governance, governance systems, corporate board practices, financial markets, agency cost, deteriorating market conditions, IPOs, corporate social responsibility, social performance, co-operative values, CGC, board structure, board size, board independence, ROA, criminal law, regulation etc.

The full list of the recent papers published by Virtus Interpress is available below:

  • Walker-Munro, B. (2019). Disruption, regulatory theory and China: What surveillance and profiling can teach the modern regulator. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 8(2), 23-40.
  • Fan, P., Wang, L., & Nguyen Thi Phuong, T. (2019). Automatic word wrap
    Conflicting interests: Going public in deteriorating market conditions. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(3), 143-158.
  • Alqatan, A., Chbib, I., & Hussainey, K. (2019). How does board structure impact on firm performance in the UK? Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, 15(2), 18-27.
  • Fera, P. (2019). The effectiveness of the matching principle in different financial reporting systems and its impact on the quality of earnings. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(3), 129-142.
  • Angelini, M. S., Gennaro, A., & Giovannini, R. (2019). Financial policy of Italian SMEs: The impact of mini-bond. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(3), 113-128.
  • Lemennicier, B., Hermet, J., & Duraisamy, P. (2019). Corporate governance, firm performance and executive pay: A comparison of defense and non-defense firms. Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, 3(2), 8-17.
  • Abdlazez, F. A., Lasyoud, A. A., & Boshanna, A. (2019). The relationship between Malaysian public-listed firms’ corporate governance and their capital structure. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(3), 98-112.
  • Vieira, E., & Neiva, J. (2019). Board of directors specificities in the context of Portuguese corporate governance and corporate law. Corporate Law & Governance Review, 1(1), 41-57.
  • Ballestra, L. V., Pacelli, G., & Radi, D. (2019). Valuing strategic investments under stochastic interest rates: A real option approach. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(3), 89-97.
  • Caserio, C., & Trucco, S. (2019). Corporate governance and company performance in Italy: Corporate law and regulation perspective. Corporate Law & Governance Review, 1(1), 24-35.
  • Di Tommaso, F., & Gulinelli, A. (2019). Corporate governance: How fiscal and industry revolution in Italy can change the labour market? Corporate Law & Governance Review, 1(1), 16-23.

We hope this list will help our readers and scholarly network to discover new interesting research and, as always, find more information devoted to a certain topic within the scope of corporate governance.