Recently published papers in journals by Virtus Interpress

The editorial team of Virtus Interpress would like to present the list of recently published papers. The new articles were published in the journals Corporate Ownership & Control, Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, Journal of Governance and Regulation, Corporate Law & Governance Review and Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition.

The papers cover such topics as credibility, accessibility, service quality, customer loyalty, deviant behavior, ownership type, corporate governance, accrual earnings management, real earnings management, activist investors, social connections, CEO power, CEO equity incentives, public accounting, municipalities, audit opinion, ISA 570, financial ratios, financial crisis, board of directors, firm performance, independent directors, duality, women directors, stock market, macroeconomic fluctuation, cointegration, accounting information systems, education, internal audit, auditor-auditee relationship, risk management, banking, leadership, human resources, local governance, etc.

The full list of the recent papers published by Virtus Interpress is available below:

  • Ali, N. N., Allan, M., & Baker, M. R. (2019). Company brand and customer loyalty under stakeholder management: A study of telecommunication companies in Jordan. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(4), 45-55.
  • Obalade, G. O., & Arogundade, K. K. (2019). Ethical climate and deviant behavior among employees of selected public and private universities: The case of the emerging country. Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, 3(2), 30-39.
  • Boghdady, A.B.A. (2019). The impact of ownership type on the relationship between corporate governance and earnings management: An empirical study. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(4), 31-44.
  • Grove, H., & Clouse, M. (2019). Activist investors and implications for corporate governance: A case study of Barington Capital Group and L Brands. Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, 15(2), 28-36.
  • Caton, G. L., Goh, J., & Ke, J. (2019). The interaction effects of CEO power, social connections and incentive compensation on firm value. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(4), 19-30.
  • Pazarskis, M., Goumas, S., Koutoupis, A., & Konstantinidis, K. (2019). Do municipal mergers work? Evidence from municipalities in Greece. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 8(2), 61-67.
  • Gromis di Trana, M., & Alfiero, S. (2019). The role of the ISA 570 “Adverse key financial ratios” in going concern assessment in Italy. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(4), 8-18.
  • Merino, E., & Manzaneque, M. (2019). Corporate law, board practices and value creation: Spanish evidence. Corporate Law & Governance Review, 1(2), 8-20.
  • Lingnan, L., (2019). An analysis of the impacts of macroeconomic fluctuations on China’s stock market. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 8(2), 49-60.
  • Karagiorgou, D., Seretidou, D., & Stavropoulos, A. (2019). The impact of IT level of knowledge on work-readiness from the accounting graduate perspective: Evidence from Greece. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 8(2), 41-48.
  • Krane, R. (2019). Conflict-handling during multinational audits: The internal auditor-auditee relationship. Corporate Ownership & Control, 16(3), 159-173.
  • Mrwebi, V., & Cici, Y. (2019). Exploring innovative leadership in the financial sector: A case of risk management in banking. Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, 3(2), 19- 29.
  • Jengre, E., & Kpinpuo, S. D. (2019). Participation of youth in local level governance: developing country case study. Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, 3(2), 8-18.

We hope this list will help our readers and scholarly network to discover new interesting research and, as always, find more information devoted to a certain topic within the scope of corporate governance.