Recently published papers in journals by Virtus Interpress

The editorial team of Virtus Interpress has prepared the list of recently published papers. The new articles were published in the journals Corporate Ownership & Control, Journal of Governance & Regulation, Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, and Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review.

The published papers are devoted to such topics, as corporate governance, ownership structure, family firms, state-owned firms, CSR disclosure, governmentality, pricing politics, artificial intelligence, firm performance, accounting and auditing, accounting information systems, financial policies, fiscal rules, government effectiveness, procyclicality, firm-specific factors, audit fees, debt maturity, earnings management, accruals quality, information asymmetry, accounting quality, passive funds, asset management and pricing, forecasting returns, sustainability, volatility modeling, etc.

The full list of the recent papers published by Virtus Interpress is available below:

  • Malik, C., & Yadav, S. (2020). Forecasting and asymmetric volatility modeling of sustainability indexes in India. Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, 4(1), 56-64.
  • Otsuka, A. (2020). Can the world’s largest pension fund, Japan’s GPIF, be a responsible steward? Stewardship responsibility as asset owner. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 9(1), 44-52.
  • Rey, A., Tuccillo, D., & Roberto, F. (2020). Earnings management and debt maturity: Evidence from Italy. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(3), 179-186.
  • Musa, W. A., Salman, R. T., Amoo, I. O., & Subair, M. L. (2020). Impact of firm’s specific factors on audit fee of quoted consumer goods firms. Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, 4(1), 47-55.
  • Huang, C.-J., & Ho, Y.-H. (2020). The impact of national fiscal rules and government effectiveness on the procyclicality of fiscal policy in the Asia-Pacific countries. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 9(1), 35-43.
  • Mills, J., & Hogan, K. M. (2020). CEO facial masculinity and firm financial outcomes. Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, 16(1), 39-46.
  • Solaimani, R., Rashed, F., Mohammed, S., & ElKelish, W. W. (2020). The impact of artificial intelligence on corporate control. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(3), 171-178.
  • Alsaid, L. A., & Mutiganda, J. C. (2020). Accounting and smart cities: New evidence for governmentality and politics. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(3), 158-170.
  • Fortuna, F., Ciaburri, M., Testarmata, S., & Tiscini, R. (2020). CSR reporting and ownership structure: Evidence from Italian listed companies. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(3), 146-157.

We hope this list of papers will help our readers and scholarly network to discover new interesting research and, as always, find more information devoted to a certain topic within the scope of corporate governance.