Recently published papers in journals by Virtus Interpress

Publishing House Virtus Interpress is happy to present the list of papers that have been recently published in the journals Corporate Ownership & Control, Journal of Governance & Regulation, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, and Corporate & Business Strategy Review.

The papers published in the journals are devoted to a variety of topics, including corporate governance, economic development, business strategies, mergers, European deposit insurance scheme, bank boards, bank risks, financial stability, shadow banking, corporate governance index, profitability, firm value, risk disclosure, investment efficiency, social responsibility, tax avoidance, gender diversity, financial performance, green information technology, environmental performance, privately-held enterprises, small businesses, discounted cash flows, reporting quality, etc.

The full list of the recent papers published by Virtus Interpress is available below:

  • Ceschinski, W., Freidank, C.-C., & Handschumacher, F. (2020). Which characteristics determine the quality of corporate governance reporting? Concepts, reporting practices and empirical evidence from Germany [Special issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(4), 279-291.
  • Terdpaopong, K., Rickards, R. C., & Yesseleva-Pionka, M. (2020). Techniques and adjustments in valuing privately-held enterprises in Thailand [Special issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(4), 268-278.
  • Arulrajah, A. A., Senthilnathan, S., & Rathnayake, M. P. (2020). Green information technology and environmental performance of the banks. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 9(3), 27-39.
  • Jaber, Y. (2020). Gender diversity and financial performance of the stock exchange listed companies [Special issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(4), 257-267.
  • Firmansyah, A., & Triastie, G. A. (2020). The role of corporate governance in emerging market: Tax avoidance, corporate social responsibility disclosures, risk disclosures, and investment efficiency. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 9(3), 8-26.
  • Sandhya, S., & Parashar, N. (2020). An index to study corporate governance in banks in India. Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, 4(2), 40-49.
  • Arnaboldi, F., & Capizzi, V. (2020). European deposit insurance scheme and bank board composition [Special issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(4), 246-256.
  • Assan, T. E. B., Mulaba, A., & Mpundu, M. (2020). Higher learning institution merger and perceived conflict governance strategies. Corporate & Business Strategy Review, 1(2), 26-32.

We hope this list of papers will help our readers and scholarly network to discover new interesting research and, as always, find more information devoted to a certain topic within the scope of corporate governance.