Recently published papers in journals by Virtus Interpress

The editorial team of Publishing House Virtus Interpress is glad to introduce the list of papers that have been recently published in the journals Corporate Ownership & Control, Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions, Journal of Governance & Regulation, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, and Corporate Law & Governance Review.

The published papers cover a variety of topics devoted to corporate governance issues, including ownership, executive boards, investors protection, creditors protection, political institutions, reporting, accounting education, self-assessment and peer assessment, corporate regulation, regulatory experimenting, sustainable development, reflexive governance, regulatory learning, sustainable marketing, consumer behavior, innovation governance, board of directors issues, enterprise risk management, accountability, financing, investment, capital structure, firm performance, etc.

The full list of the recent papers published by Virtus Interpress is available below:

  • Taranto, A., & Khan, S. (2020). Bi-directional grid absorption barrier constrained stochastic processes with applications in finance & investment. Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions, 10(3), 20-33.
  • Hundal, S., & Eskola, A. (2020). Board of directors, capital structure, investment decisions and firm-performance: An empirical study of Nordic firms [Special issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(4), 377-390.
  • Casciello, R., & Meucci, F. (2020). Complexity to downplay complexity: Implications of ERM logics for the Italian NHS [Special issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(4), 369-376.
  • Água, P. B., & Correia, A. (2020). Innovation governance in practice: A business policy approach. Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition, 16(2), 54-64.
  • Bauknecht, D., Bischoff, T. S., Bizer, K., Führ, M., Gailhofer, P., Heyen, D. A., Proeger, T., & von der Leyen, K. (2020). Exploring the pathways: Regulatory experiments for sustainable development – An interdisciplinary approach. Journal of Governance & Regulation, 9(3), 49-71.
  • Babu, A., & Barghathi, Y. (2020). Self-assessment and peer assessment in accounting education: Students and lecturers perceptions [Special issue]. Corporate Ownership & Control, 17(4), 353-368.
  • Dilger, A., & Schottmüller-Einwag, U. (2020). Corporate governance reporting: Compliance with upper limits for severance payments to members of executive boards in Germany. Corporate Law & Governance Review, 2(2), 18-32.

We hope this list of papers will help our readers and scholarly network to discover new interesting research and, as always, find more information devoted to a certain topic within the scope of corporate governance.