The report on the main journal citations indicators

The editorial team of the publishing house “Virtus Interpress” is glad to introduce the report on the main journal citations metrics of our journals. We believe that paper citation is an important factor for our authors with regard to their reputation as scholars and a key factor of their professional success. That’s why our team decided to provide our network with the results of our analysis concerning our journals.

It is important to note that we have calculated the main journal citations indicators of the papers published in our journals taking into consideration the Impact Factor, Immediacy Index, Highly Citedness and Uncitedness.

The report on the main journal indicators and the methods of calculating them is available to our readers and scholarly network following this link.

Therefore, the data from the results of the analysis confirm that the citation of papers published by Virtus Interpress increases each year. It shows the positive dynamic of the papers’ citations (based on the data provided by Google Scholar and our database).

We are going to keep our international scholarly network updated on the further changes in citation indicators of the papers.