The second annual international conference on corporate governance & regulation in banks: report

Within the period from 2 to 4-th of February 2011 International Centre for Banking and Corporate Governance, Ukrainian Academy of Banking conducted the second annual online international conference on corporate governance & regulation in banks. We have received 15 papers submitted by authors from 10 countries of the world. We were proud of receiving papers from such countries as Germany, the USA, the UK, Japan, Finland, Brazil, Egypt, Ukraine, Nigeria, China.

The conference discussion forum was held at the conference web-site with participation of representatives of central banks, Association of British Bankers, academics, etc.

The conference forum was very active and we accounted a lot of participants from the USA, the UK, Germany, Japan, Finland, Italy, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Nigeria, Egypt, Ukraine. During the conference participants left more than 220 comments which concern papers.

The article of Prof. Mitsuru Mizuno from Graduate School of Business, Nihon University, Tokyo on evolution of corporate governance of banks in Japan attracted participants’ attention most of all. This article has got more than 30 positive comments from the participants.

Memorandum of the conference within the period of April, 2011 will be sent to all international organizations on banking regulation including Basel Committee, Council of Financial Stability, Financial Services Authority (the UK), Bank of England, The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the USA), Federal Reserve System (the USA) etc.

Prof. Emeka Offor (Nigeria) and Prof. Wei Rowe (the USA) accepted an invitation of PhD candidates of Department of International Economics, Banking Academy of the National Bank of Ukraine and students to take part in writing papers together on corporate governance in banks.

This means that scientists, both as professors, PhD candidates and graduate students of Ukrainian academy of banking of the National Bank of Ukraine is fully capable in the international market research.

Prof. Mizuno Mitsuru, Senior editor of the monograph
Initiative deserves the greatest attention of specialists of the department of international economics on the formation of international research team to work together on a monograph on the evolution of corporate governance in banks. Consent to participate in this project have already provided such well-known experts in the world of banking regulation as Prof. Mitsuru Mizuno (Japan), Prof. Markus Stiglbauer (Germany), Prof. Wei Rowe (the USA) and Prof. Marcelle Colares Oliveira (Brazil). In this research project academy will be presented by Doctor of Economics, Professor Alexander Kostyuk, PhD candidates Dmitriy Govorun, Marina Brychko, Yaroslav Mozghovyi and group and the best masters students specialty international economics. The monograph "Evolution of corporate governance in banks” is planned for publication in late 2012, edited by Prof. Mizuno Mitsuru (Japan), Prof. Alexander Kostyuk (Ukraine), Prof. Julia Romano (Italy).

It should be emphasized that the participation in work on a monograph also involved researchers from the University (Partner Academy) - University of Naples (Italy), namely Prof. Michele Pizzo and Prof. Nicola Moscariello and University of Pisa - Prof. Julia Romano, in a common research program with the Academy “Corporate Governance in Italian banks: international experience in crisis ". In particular, scientists from the University of Naples, has sent an invitation to Professor Alexander Kostyuk to visit the city of Naples for the program in early October 2011.