The top-ranked journals and citations of the papers in Corporate Ownership and Control journal

We would like to introduce the top-ranked international journals where the papers published in Corporate Ownership and Control journal are the most cited. We understand that the paper citation is a very important issue for our authors with regard to their reputation as scholars and a key issue of their professional success.

Recently, we informed about citation analysis the most cited papers published in this journal. We chose 3 papers published in our journal with the highly cited papers for different periods:

  1. Licht, A. N. (2004). Cross-listing and corporate governance: Bonding or avoiding? Corporate Ownership & Control, 1(4), 36-48. (361)
  2. Ayuso, S., & Argandoña, A. (2009). Responsible corporate governance: Towards a stakeholder board of directors? Corporate Ownership & Control, 6(4), 9-19. (161)
  3. Carels, C., Maroun, W., & Padia, N. (2013). Integrated reporting in the South African mining sector. Corporate Ownership & Control, 11(1-11), 947-961. (34)

Therefore, according to the total number of citations the papers published in the Corporate Ownership and Control, we would like to present the top-ranked journals. The data from the results of the analysis confirm that the papers of our authors are cited in the best international journals. Find below the rating of the international journals was selected based on the most cited papers in our journal (the total number of citations was 556). We selected 20 top-ranked journals.

Journal The number of citations
Journal of Business Ethics 6
Journal of Financial Economics 5
Journal of Banking & Finance 5
Journal of Multinational Financial Management 5
Journal of Corporate Finance 4
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 4
Corporate Governance: An Internal Review 4
Emerging Markets Review 3
Advances in Accounting 3
Applied Financial Economics 3
Journal of Accounting and Economics 2
Review of Finance 2
The Journal of Finance 2
Journal of Accounting Research 2
Journal of Corporate Law Studies 2
Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics 2
Financial Management 2
The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 2
Contemporary Accounting Research 2
International Journal of Corporate Governance 2

We would like to address our appreciation to all those scholars who found the papers published in our journals useful in their research.