“The topical issue” Program

Dear readers!

Over the last three years of publishing the journal Corporate Ownership and Control the very large collections of papers in various aspects of corporate governance were published by us. We understand that each expert in corporate governance has an expertise in very specific field of research such as board of directors, corporate ownership, corporate control, financial reporting, executive compensation, etc. At the same time, it would be very useful for experts to get an access not to the particular issues or volumes of the journal in a whole to find there only some papers on the topic they have an interest. The most useful is to let experts have an access to the papers of only their specific topics.

Therefore, we are happy to propose experts to order “the topical issue” of the journal. For example, if you order papers, already printed in 12 issues of the journal Corporate Ownership and Control on specific topic, say, corporate control, we will compose an issue of the journal for you (PDF file) composed only of the paper on the topic you want. Some topics are very popular and account more than 40 papers. All of them will be delivered to you as a whole document (file) to let you explore it easy.

Please, you should not spare your time to look through contents of all 12 issues (at the same time if you want do it, you could explore the contents of all issues published before making an order). You just should let us know by e-mail what topic you are interested. Then we will let you know how many papers on this topic we could offer in “a topical issue”.

The price of paper is EURO 5 (PDF version of the issue). By your request we could provide you with printed version of the issue you order. In this case you will have to pay delivery expenses at amount of EURO 15 (for the whole issue you order).

Once we agreed on the number of paper you wanted to order, we will send you an invoice to pay.

We hope that our initiative will let you save money and be effective in your research at the same time.
Orders or questions should be addressed to Dr. Alexander Kostyuk at:
alex_kostyuk@virtusinterpress.org, or alex_kostyuk@mail.ru.