Up-to-date list of subscription agents of Virtus Interpress

The Publisher "Virtus Interpress" takes this chance to deliver the
updated info about the network of subscription agents which can be
used by subscribers to subscribe to the journals published by "Virtus

The up-to-date network of subscription agents is represented by EBSCO (Global), Celdes s.r.l. (Europe), Lily Journal & Book Co. Ltd (Asia), Revistas Técnicas SAS (Latin America), WorldWide Information Services (Africa), Teldan Subscription Services (Global), Otto Harrassowitz GmbH & Co. KG (North America, European countries, Australia and Southeast Asia), Interoptics SA (Greece). All those interested in subscribing to our journals are free to contact these subscription

Web-site of the Publisher also provides an opportunity to subscribe to
the journal directly by following the links:

- Corporate Ownership and Control journal;
- Corporate Board Journal;
- Risk Governance and Control journal;
- Journal of Governance and Regulation.

If you have any queries about subscribing to our journals, please, feel
free to contact us at info@virtusinterpress.org