Upcoming on-line seminar on increasing citations of papers

We’ve reached preliminary agreements with our colleague Prof. Dwi P. Bhakti from Indonesia to arrange on-line seminar that reveal all the pitfalls of increasing citations of the published scholarly papers for the faculty of Perbanas Graduate Institute of Indonesia.

The seminar is scheduled for September 9th.

The structure of the seminar “How to make your paper more cited after publishing?” will be as follows:

  • overview of the roles of bibliographic databases;
  • the policies and tools of the journals to make your paper more cited;
  • the roles of the institutional (including university) repositories;
  • journal copyrights and authors’ approaches to make the paper more cited after publishing;
  • unconventionsl approaches to increase citations.

We will answer all the questions of the audience and will provide consultations afterwards.

We address a similar proposal to our partners worldwide. If you want us to arrange the same seminar for you and your colleagues – please contact Prof. Kostyuk at alex_kostyuk[at]virtusinterpress.org. Currently we plan our activity for autumn.