Update of the Editorial Board’s Structure: RGC Journal

Publishing house "Virtus Interpress" announces changes in the Editorial Board structure of the Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions journal to increase and intensify operation work of the Editorial team in part of editing and reviewing process.

The journal will be represented by two Co-Editors:

  1. Giovanna Mariani, PhD, Associate Professor, Dipartimento di Economia e Management, University of Pisa, Italy – g.mariani[at]virtusinterpress.org
  2. Yulia Lapina, PhD, Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance, Sumy State University, Ukraine - yu.h.lapina[at]virtusinterpress.org

Co-Editors are responsible for the journal’s standing and position in the academic world, and for the overall scholarly quality of the journal. They determine the main editorial policies with guidance from the Editorial Board members as needed. Given the international scope and structure of the journal, one of the crucial goals of the Board, and especially of the Co-editors will be to generate interest amongst a variety of scholars from a variety of different locations. The journal policy is guided by two Editors-in-Chief because of the growing challenging issues related to the scope of the journal and its international scope.

Editorial Assistant:

  • Kateryna Huryna, Virtus Interpress, Ukraine - k.huryna[at]virtusinterpress.org
  • Elizaveta Kravchenko, PhD, Virtus Interpress, Ukraine - e.kravchenko[at]virtusinterpress.org

Submit a paper to the Editorial Assistant Kateryna Huryna - k.huryna[at]virtusinterpress.org and copy to Co-Editors - yu.h.lapina[at]virtusinterpress.org and g.mariani[at]virtusinterpress.org. This will help to communicate with authors during the whole process of paper submission.