Updated version of Center’s leaflet: coming soon

We are glad to present you our updated leaflet of the International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance. Here you will find everything you want to know about our activity, main projects and events that were held or will be held with the participation and support of the members of the Center.

Last year we organized 3 international conferences, initiated new research projects, took part in several research seminars and round tables, and started creating global repository of corporate governance experts’ profiles, so 2013 was very fruitful year for us. Moreover, the Union of International Associations included the Center into the 51st edition (2014/2015) of the Yearbook of International Organizations. The platform of the organization will let us promote our activity and events, spread our network and further support the development of corporate governance research.

This information is thoroughly highlighted in the leaflet. The online version will be available soon.