Virtus Interpress became COPE member

At the beginning of May 2019 publishing house “Virtus Interpress” became a member of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Enlisting journals in COPE ensures that our journal editors have an alternative source to refer to when dealing with publishing ethics issues.

COPE is a forum for editors of peer-reviewed journals to discuss issues related to the integrity of the scientific record. COPE is committed to educate and support editors, publishers and those involved in publication ethics with the aim of moving the culture of publishing towards one where ethical practices become the norm, part of the publishing culture. COPE’s approach is firmly in the direction of influencing through education, resources and support of our members alongside the fostering of professional debate in the wider community.

COPE was founded in 1997 by a group of medical journal editors and over 20 years has grown to support members worldwide from all academic fields, primarily editors but also publishers and related organisations and individuals.

Signing up to COPE shows that we intend to follow the highest standards of publication ethics and to apply COPE principles of publication ethics outlined in its Core Practices.